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November 2008

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Destiny Vs Life

Summary: Future Fic. Kinda AU. Set 5 years after graduation. Both Nathan and Haley are making their dreams come true, without each other. What happens when their carefully separated worlds collide? 

Warnings: Nathan/Peyton, Haley/Other, Explicit Language

Status: Ongoing 


Everything happened in season 2 until Lonesome Road AU from there on.

Six years later, Nate and Luke have both been drafted into the NBA and they play for the Lakers. Haley has become a world famous, Grammy winning singer. All her records were released under the name Haley J Scott but no one has ever connected her and Nathan.

Both Nate and Haley have dated other people since they separated. Out of respect for her love and marriage, Haley never toured with Chris Keller again. It was only four years after her first tour with him that she ever met him again and that was because Chris ended up falling in love with Taylor and marrying her the weekend they bumped into each other in Las Vegas. Chris and Haley put aside their differences for the sake of Taylor and have become friends again over the last two years.

Luke and Haley have always kept in touch. Because of the intense scrutiny into their lives, their meetings are few and far between but between video calling and constant emails they have stayed best friends.

Now to the present: (2011)

Brian Shaw, the assistant coach of the Lakers walked into the gym where he had summoned his top five players. Sitting in front of him were Kobe Bryant, Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum and the Scott Brothers, Lucas and Nathan.

“Listen up guys, this shouldn’t take too long” Brian said interrupting their conversations.

When he had all of their attention he continued.

“We’ve been approached by UNICEF to hold a celebrity game”

Brian’s statement was met with a bunch of groans.

“Why can’t we just donate a bunch of cash? I hate playing with a bunch of actors who all think they could have been ball players”

“It’s not going to be that this time. Infact we’ve had a very interesting offer. What they want is for you guys to split into two teams, two of you in each so one of you gets out of this. We’re going to have two women on each team and another guy. There will be two actors each from the silver screen and the small screen and two musicians. So this appeals to all demographics. We just need to decide which four of you are playing”

Kobe immediately said, “Well I’m out then”

The others gave him dirty looks.

“What? I can use this time to spend with my wife and kid. Besides I’m like the oldest guy here, I’ve done my share” Kobe stood up and left after saying his goodbyes.

“Okay” Brian said. “Now we just need to figure out the teams. I thought it would be interesting if we split Nate and Luke up because the two of you have always played on the same side”

Luke and Nathan looked at each other and smirked. They both remembered the days they were sworn enemies and the thought of playing on the same side was like an evil curse.

“Yeh that’s cool” Nathan said.

“So you guys wanna decide the teams on your own?” Brian asked.

Luke immediately said, “I call Kwame” and was met by annoyed yet grateful looks from both Nate and Kwame.

Up until Nathan, Kwame had been the youngest player ever to be drafted into the NBA. So when Nate showed up there had definitely been a power struggle. They had found a way to work together on the court but they still had major problems. Luke was also younger than Kwame had been when he was drafted but since Nathan had always been the real sensation, Luke had been happy to let him have the glory. Besides, Nathan was younger! Over the years the brother had become so tight most people thought they were twins when they heard they were brothers, the same age and so close. But when they had been drafted the whole explosive story of their family circumstances had been revealed to the world by a bunch of tabloids. Luke always thanked whichever God was looking over them at the time because no matter what dirt they had dug up, no one had discovered the Haley-Nathan connection.

“Okay that’s settled then. Lucas and Kwame vs. Nathan and Andrew, now all we need to decide is Captains for both teams. I’m gonna toss this coin, one of each team call.”

As soon as Brian flicked the coin into air both Lucas and Nathan shouted “Heads”

When the coin finally landed, Brian took a look at it and smiled.

“I guess this game is going to be Scott vs. Scott all the way!”

Haley James Scott sat in front of the fireplace in the living room of her swanky New York apartment and just stared. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear the door open or the footsteps approaching her.

“Haley-bub, are you okay”

Haley turned towards the sound of the voice and found herself staring into the concerned eyes of her big sister Taylor. Wordlessly she handed the letter she was holding to her big sister.

“What’s this-” Taylor started to ask before she broke off when she read the whole thing.

“Oh wow, So are you gonna go?” Taylor asked.

“I have to Tay, I mean I signed up for this ages ago but it’s just gonna be so hard. Seeing him again” Haley said quietly.

Taylor wrapped her arms around her little sister knowing the pain she was going through. The letter basically informed Haley that the celebrity charity fund raiser had been decided and it would be a mixed game with the LA Lakers. It also had the list of players that would be participating which of course included one Mr. Nathan Scott a. k. a. Haley’s estranged husband.

“You sure you can handle this? I mean you can always call in sick. Or say someone in the family died or something”

Haley laughed, “Yeh, I could always kill you off.” Then she became serious again. “I can’t do that Tay. I need to do this and not just because I already committed to it. It’s been over five years since I’ve seen him and maybe it’s time. I mean, we’re married for heaven’s sake and we love each other. We can’t avoid each other for the rest of our lives”

“Do you know what’s going on with him Haley? You haven’t had any contact with him for ages. How do you know if even loves you anymore? I know you’ve seen the tabloid pictures.”

Hearing this Haley looked away from Taylor. “I kind of lied when I told you we haven’t had any contact with each other.”

“What?” Taylor screeched. “Have you been talking to him this entire time?”

“No nothing like that. God I haven’tactually talked to him since he told me to go pursue my dreams.”


Early May 2005

There’s a knock on the door and Nathan gets from the couch to answer. He opens the door and sees Haley standing there.

He just stares at her not saying a word.

Umm, Can I come in?” Haley asks softly.

Nathan just opens the door a little wider and gestured for her to enter. She goes in and looks at the wreck the apartment is now. She glances at the pink wall and clown painting and closes her eyes as if by doing that she can banish the image.

What are you doing here?” Nathan finally asks his tone neither happy nor angry.

I was offered a recording contract. Before you ask, it’s from Sony so I know it’s the real deal. I already recorded a track for them and they want to release it soon. It’s happening Nate and I guess, I just wanted to share it with you” Haley said in a rush.

Nathan doesn’t say anything he just kept staring at Haley.

Normally it would not happen this fast but they want a song out soon so they can promote the hell out of me so they can release the album this summer” Haley shrugged. “Atleast that’s what they are telling me. I don’t really understand it all but I figure, why look a gift horse in its mouth?” Haley looked up in to Nathan’s face and tried to read his expression but she got nothing.

That’s really great Haley, but I still don’t understand why you are here”

Nathan! I’m here because I love you. I’m so sorry I left. I’m sorry for everything I said to you when you came to see me last week. I just flipped out ok. Everything has been getting to me. The tour, You, Chris, trying to be a good enough singer and I just took all my frustration out on you and it wasn’t fair. The only right thing in my life is our marriage. Now, here I am, I can almost taste the success in my musical career and all I want to do is run away and be with you. I want things to be like they used to be, before I ruined everything. Before Chris”

Nathan sighed heavily and sat down on the couch. He rubbed his face and then looked up at her,

Go back to New York Hales” Nathan finally said softly.


You’re here because you’re afraid, not because you want to be. You’re looking at the two situations and you see life with me as the easier maybe even safer way out. I won’t be your easy out clause Haley.”

It’s not like that Nate. I want to be with you. Why can’t you just forgive me? What do I need to do to make you understand that all I need, all I will ever need is you?”

Go live your dreams.” Nathan said. “I don’t want you to come home and then five years from now live to regret it.” He raises his hand to halt her words, “Go live your dreams Hales because that’s what I plan on doing too.”

I don’t understand” Haley said with tears in her eyes.

After I saw you I went to see Taylor. She helped me clear my head a little. When I was driving home I realised I’m punishing you for chasing after a dream that I wanted you to chase all along. I just, I guess I thought since I gave up my dream to be with you, you would do the same. That wasn’t fair. So when I got home I called Whitey. He said he would pull in a few favours and maybe see if they still have a place for me at High Flyers”

By now Haley was crying openly as she stared down at her husband. She turned away from him and walked a couple of steps away. Nathan got up and walked up behind her.

I’m not saying any of this to hurt you Hales. I’m just saying that I understand. I know why you did what you did and now I have to do the same. Maybe we were too young when we got married but just know that I love you. I always have and I always will. Always and Forever”

Haley turned to face Nathan and flung herself in his arms and sobbed. “But I love you. You are my dream Nate. Just you. Only you. Always and Forever”

Nathan lifted Haley’s face to his and kissed her with everything he had. All his emotions came pouring through in that one kiss. His love and heartache, his passion and sorrow, his lust and love.

Please just go now” he said when he finally broke the kiss off.

Haley lets go of Nathan and starts to walk out. She pauses at the door and turns to look at Nathan one last time.

Happy Anniversary Nathan”


“Okay. So there have been no phone calls. I’m guessing it’s been either text messaging or emails. Even so, why didn’t you tell me?” Taylor asked snapping Haley out of her trip down memory lane.

“Because it’s personal and private and the only thing I have left of him ok?” Haley finally said. “If you must know, every year on May 11th we send each other an email. That’s it”

Taylor just shook her head. She knew that day was their wedding anniversary, “How does one email a year translate into everlasting love?” she asked gently.

“It does Tay because it’s always says the same thing. ‘Always and Forever Hales’ and mine is always the same ‘Always and Forever Nate.’ I know it sounds corny and all but that’s enough for me to know he loves me” At this point Haley started crying. “I haven’t seen him in years except for on TV and it kills me when I see how happy he is with her. I know I haveMatt but this is Nathan. This is my chance”

“Hush Haley-bub, it’ll be alright. Whatever you do, you know I’ve got your back right?”

“I know Tay” Haley nodded but she knew after the last time she had seen her husband, any reunion would be painful and awkward to say the least. It had been a year since she had spoken to him last and Haley had returned to Tree Hill for her graduation. In the year that she had been gone, Haley had not only released her single but also her debut self titled album which had won her the Best Newcomer Grammy at the 2006 Grammy Awards. She had also won a bunch of other awards and was a certified celebrity.


Graduation Day. Class of 2006. 11th may 2006

Now it’s time to introduce our Valedictorian. Usually this is announced prior to the actual ceremony but this year by request of the student herself we kept this information confidential. This year we have a student who has excelled in nearly all areas. Even though she completed her senior year through distance education, she has managed to not only ace her classes but top them all. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you, Our Valedictorian Haley Scott”

Haley walked up to the podium and stood there for a minute just searching the crowd. She spotted Brooke immediately and smiled. She looked further back and saw there sitting in the same row were Peyton Sawyer, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott. Haley half smiled at them before looking down at her speech nervously.

Good Morning Everyone…” She started to read what she had written down mechanically pausing for laughter when necessary or pausing to give her words a more dramatic edge. She noticed she had come to her last flash card when she decided to just say what was in her heart instead of the standard speech she was currently giving.

You know, over the last year I have been lucky enough to travel around America. Everywhere I go, everyone I meet, they all ask me the same thing, who is Haley? And I always laugh the question off but I’ve come to realise this. Who I am is the most important thing I will ever be. From the minute I was born I have been daughter, sister and later I became friend, best friend, girlfriend, lover, soulmate and more recently artiste, performer but through it all I’ve just been Haley. And I guess that’s what I have found to be the most important thing in life. Dream fantastic dreams and then put your heart and soul into them to make them come true but no matter what, even if your dream changes just be who you are and be true to yourself every step of the way. I wish all of you all the success in the world and I hope through it all you stay you! Congratulations Class of 2006! We survived High School!”

There were loud cheers at this and everyone tossed their hats in the air.

Oh and one last thing. As a token of my appreciation towards the school and my peers for allowing me to participate in today’s ceremony I have a surprise for you all at TRIC. Official Graduation Party for all school leavers. Be there!”

With that Haley stepped down and walked off stage. The minute she did she was mobbed by her classmates/fans. Smiling at everyone Haley happily signed autographs and posed for pictures before making her way towards her parents who were standing with Karen.

Mom, Dad, you made it!” Haley exclaimed giving them both a big hug.

Of course. We wouldn’t miss our Haley-bub’s big day now would we?” Lydia stated.

I’m glad you’re here. And Karen. I’m so happy to see you” Haley said giving her a hug too. “I wasn’t sure you would agree to my little scheme tonight. Thank you”

Oh Hayley. You know you’re like my daughter. I would do anything for you. Besides speaking as a Club Owner, you just did wonders for my profit” Karen said laughing.

Hey superstar”

Lucas” Haley shouted as she launched herself into his arms. “I missed you so much” Haley said.

Don’t I get any love?” Brooke asked with a grin

Of course you do Tigger. I couldn’t forget you if I tried” Haley laughed as she hugged her other best friend tightly. She then looked over Brooke’s shoulder and scanned the crowd.

They’re not here” Lucas said.

What?” Haley asked.

You’re looking for Nate and Peyton. They’re not here. After your speech they left” Lucas said.

Oh. I hope they didn’t leave on my account” Haley said.

Oh tutor-girl forget your ex-husband and his new girl for half a minute and let’s celebrate. We finished high school, its time to party like its 1999!” Brooke screamed and then broke off when she saw Haley’s devastated look. Brooke went over what she said and then realised her slip up. “Oh shit, I’m sorry”

Haley are you okay?” Lucas asked worriedly while shooting Brooke and angry look.

Umm Luke, I got to go. I can see my parents calling me. I’ll see you tonight ok?” Haley said quickly and then took off in the direction of her parents.

Lucas and Brooke just stood by as Haley had a hurried discussion with her parents before all three of them moved towards the parking lot. They watched as two big men approached Haley and then guided her through the chaos quickly.

Well Broody, All I can say is, tonight will be interesting”

At TRIC the same night

The party is on full swing. All the seniors are there and some kids from other grades. The place is packed and they have a random band playing on the stage. After a while the band finishes its set and the stage is cleared. Karen steps up to the microphone and taps it to get everyone’s attention. Peyton who is standing with Nathan looks up confused because normally she is the one who makes all the announcements. Peyton shoots a look at Lucas who just shrugs and pulls Brooke a little closer.

Hey Everyone. Welcome to TRIC! I have a special guest with us here, our very own Haley Scott!”

The crowd cheer loudly and Nathan tenses slightly but relaxes when Peyton rubs his arm soothingly.

Haley comes out on stage and grabs the mic.

How’s everyone feeling tonight?”

Everyone screams.

I promised you all a surprise this morning so here it is!”

Familiar music starts playing in the background and all of a sudden, Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas walks out

It's funny how a man only thinks about the...
You got a real big heart, but I'm looking at your...
You got real big brains, but I'm looking at your...
Girl, there ain't no pain in me looking at your...

Haley breaks in at this point and says, “You boys are gonna love me for this!”

Will.i.am shouts out a welcome and then the Pussycat Dolls strut up on stage and start singing.

I don't give a...
Keep looking at my...
'Cause it don't mean a thing if you're looking at my...
I'm a do my thing while you're playing with your...
Ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

While the girls are singing this Haley saunters over to Will.i.am and they do a little dance move and he basically rips her dress off leaving her wearing a sexy outfit underneath that was nothing more than a hot black and red lacy bra and short short skirt. Haley and Nicole Scherzinger (the lead singer) sang the song out sometimes alone sometimes together. Haley also joined the girls in their sexy dance moves and when it finished she hugged all six girls and will.i.am before grabbing the mic.

I hope you’re having a good time!” Haley shouted while breathing heavily. She scanned the crowd and noticed Nathan was staring at her with his fists clenched at his side. Haley looked away quickly when she realised Peyton was standing close to Nathan and staring at her too.

I hope you’re up for some more because my man Will.i.am here is so not done. So let me introduce to you the rest of the Black Eyed Peas!”

The rest of the band came out and the performed “My Humps” and had everyone in the club roaring. During this performance Haley went backstage and changed. She put on a pair of her favourite jeans and a simple top. She dabbed a little at her make up and making sure she looked alright, she went back on just as the others finished. Haley quickly hugged the whole group and thanked them and she went and sat down at the keyboard that had been set up.

My first performance in front of an audience larger than one was right here in TRIC. This is the same song I sang then”

It’s October again
Leaves are coming down
One more year’s come and… gone

And nothing’s changed at all
Wasn’t I
Supposed to be someone

As she sang Haley let her mind wander to that time. When her life had been simpler. When her biggest fear had been getting up on stage. When her husband had been standing in the crowd cheering her on, not in the arms of her ex-best friend. When she had everything she ever needed right there with her every night when she went to bed.

Even if I hit the ground

And if I

Cry a little

Die a little

Atleast I know I lived

It’s October again

Leaves are coming down

One more year’s come and gone

And nothing’s changed at all

The lyrics she had written all those years ago suddenly hit Haley. It had been a year since she had last seen Nathan, since she had last been in Tree Hill but unlike in her song everything had changed.

Haley slowly opened her eyes and looked at everyone staring back at her. She smiled to herself slightly and then looked into the crown searching for those blue eyes she knew were out there somewhere. When brown connected with blue, Haley let out the breath she hadn’t known she was holding and murmured a soft ‘Happy Anniversary.’

Before anything else could happen Brooke ran on stage and yelled, “Give it up for my sexy biatch Haley Scott”

Haley laughed at that and stood up to give Brooke a hug and whispered in her ear, "I'm going down to Cafe. Bring Luke. I want to say goodbye"

Haley then took another bow and let the DJ take over and she rushed down to the Cafe. Her bodyguards Rob and Joe were walking silently behind her and when she took a seat in one of the booths they stood a little way from her silently. Five minutes later Brooke and Luke came in and Luke rushed over to give Hayley a big hug.

"Ok Hales, that was amazing. You looked totally hot up there." Luke made a disgusted face, "And it was kinda disturbing that I was almost turned on watching you up there"

Brooke laughed and interjected, "Seriously Tutor-girl, that was some sexy moves. Never thought you had it in you! I'm impressed."

Haley grinned at them, "I guess then you'll be shocked to know I'll be performing at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge in Vegas for a week next month!"

Brooke squeled and was about to say something when Nathan and Peyton walked in seemingly in deep discussion. They looked up and saw Luke and Brooke with Haley and stopped.

Haley stared at Nathan just taking in every detail of his appearance. He looked better than he had a year ago but seeing Peyton hold him so close was killing her.

"I gotta go guys. Duty calls. But you have my number, call me anytime. I miss you so much." Haley said and gave Brooke a hug.

She then turned to Lucas and finally her facade cracked a little. A few tears ran down her face as she threw herself in his arms. "I love you Luke. You'll always be my best friend" Haley said and then whispered, "Please take care of him for me"

"I'm always here for you Hales. No matter what" Luke said to her softly. And with one last squeeze he let her go.

Haley turned to Nathan and Peyton who were just staring at the scene in front of them neither saying a word.

"I hope you're happy" Haley said finally, "Just be happy Nate"

And as she turned to leave, Rob and Joe came to stand next to her protectively. With one last wave Haley wa almost out the door when she heard Nate mutter, "Always and Forever Hales"

She stopped for a moment but without turning around she echoed Nathan, "Always and Forever Nate"

With that Hayley walked out of Karen's Cafe and out of Tree Hill, and out of Nathan's life.

And that night Haley and Nathan’s separation truly started. That day also brought the beginning of their yearly ritual of acknowledging their anniversary while denying their connection. As far as anyone else knew Haley had come back to sign divorce papers after a year of legal separation. Neither denied this as they saw no need to but at the same time neither could bring themselves to even have divorce papers drawn up let alone signed so they let things be thinking they could deal with it when they needed to. Little did they know…

Timelines have been adjusted to suit my story. The players mentioned are real people but I do not know or own anyone from the Lakers or the team! Same goes for One Tree Hill. I have simply borrowed to satisfy my creative urges. Oh and all lyrics belong to the people who wrote them and PCD and BEP are just two random bands that happened to be on the radio back to back while I was writing this.


According to the airdate Hayley left on tour on February 8 2005. Let’s say her first month out on tour a talent scout hears her. She is touring with The Wreckers for heavens sake. I’m sure there would be heaps of press. Long story short she gets signed immediately. Haley starts recording her first single. All the pressure got to her so she went to Tree Hill to see Nathan.

I know most high school graduations are at the end of May but just for my fic let’s have it a bit earlier. The original airdate for the last episode of season 1 was 5-11-2004 so I’m going to pick that as the Naley wedding date. For purposes of their grad, that will “coincidently” fall on their anniversary too.