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November 2008

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bloody homophobes!!!

For the first time, I'm actually ashamed to be Aussie... I always thought of my country as tolerant and accepting. But since today was federal election day, I decided to do some research about both Labour and Liberal (the major parties). Imagine my shock when I realised that as of January 1 2008 adoption by same-sex couples is illegal, and both party leaders refuse to recognise same-sex marriage! I hated that I had to vote for either and ended up voting for the Greens because they opposed the Marriage Act. Which sucks by the way it even refuses to recognise those who are legally married anywhere else. It's so frustrating. When is the world going to wake up and realise that love is just love and gender really shouldn't be the discerning factor?? But seriously, how can they stop two people from giving a loving home to an orphan just because they are the same sex??? It's ridiculous.. and they are depriving so many children of potentially happy homes. Single LGBT people are allowed to adopt but are considered to be a low priority... I don't get it. I live in Sydney, GAY mecca of the world. How can we be so blind? 

I guess as a show Queer as Folk has done a lot more than entertain. Before I got hooked on Brian Kinney, I never really cared about what was happening to the gay community because it didn't concern me. I never even associated with the Queer Society at Uni, but after the show I became a HUGE supporter and I totally owe CowLip for that! It's so unfair that I could marry any idiot of the street and have our union be recognised and people who have ben in loving relationships for so long can never get married without breaking some bloody law. 

Sorry about the RANT..... I only just realised what other people have been saying for years.. and I'm outraged.


I feel exactly the same way! Before I started watching QAF I never paid much attention to any Gay issues and this is when I lived in San Francisco, the garden of Eden for gay men world wide! Ever since QAF, I've become a huge supporter and advocate of anything having to do with same-sex marriages and adoptions and I do owe it all to Russell Davies who continues to inspire me with his cutting edge shows. All I can say is that you have to fight the fight one issue at a time and support in any way you can. Every little bit helps, even if you don't think so. That's all you can do until you become president of Australia, or Queen lol! Then its off with their heads and prison for all homophobes:))