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November 2008

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2008.. Lets review

Now, I dont really know if any one other than myself will read this, but thats ok. I just wanted to write this for me....

2008 has been an amazing year for me personally and professionally. After two years of being on my own and mourning the demise of my first and only (at that point) relationship, I met a wonderful man and have been with him since Feb. He's everything I never knew I wanted!!

I made huge headways at university and also landed my first job at a high profile company. It has been absolutely exhilarating being able to buy anything I want for myself without having to ask Daddy!! I love the feeling of independance and maturity this job brought me....

I stand at a precipice now... about to plunge into a new adventure as this year's end draws close and I just want to remind myself and anyone else who might read this... Life can change, you can be who you want to be if you just take a moment to stop letting your dreams remain dreams. Act on deepest desires... and make them a reality! Dont do what I did and watch life go by for 2 years before you wake up and realise you can be more, do that now!

For 2009... I want to be able to sit down at the end of it, and say this year has been wonderful.... and maybe add that I've bettered my life in ways that benefit not only myself but those around me as well.

One more reason 2008 rocks. Gale Harold is back on my TV every week... *sigh*

I know the year isn't over yet... but I started my christmas shopping today and it always makes me feel like Chrissy and New year's are right around the corner!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! :-D